Spanish Folk Songs

(Try to look up/figure out as many words as possible [if you do not have a good dictionary, go to] ; the songs will start to make sense!

Note: I've left off accents, also the squiggles over the palatal n, and finally the upside down punctuation; you can get some online;
note also that some of the songs get a bit 'racey,' describing in "La Cucaracha" for example a baker who at Mass begs "la virgen pura" for 'marijuana for to toke,' and you don't want to imitate such behavior!
Since some of these songs I learned in a Winter Term course taught by Dr. Castilla, and wrote them here from memory, any mistakes in the Spanish are my own. Hopefully my proofreading is adequate.)


Mexican Revolution:
"La Cucaracha"

(here are two versions; there are many more)

Mexico, smuggling, etc. :
"Cielito Lindo" or "Lovely Little Sky"

Mexico, love--Mexican style
La Sandunga


Spanish Civil War: Two Views:
El Quinto Regimiento

Spain, 16th-17th century, Arguments: Women versus Men
Romance de la Catalina

Spain, Medieval
El Conde Arnaldos

Spanish Drinking Song
La Valentina


Cuban Nationalist Song (pre-Castro):

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